Eventive Thought Company Introduction

Eventive Thought fosters collaboration between traditionally isolated research disciplines and executives charges with delivering commercialized, innovative products.

Eventive Thought provides consulting to those companies who need assistance facilitating the transition to Web 2.0 and the social enterprise. Our developers and business strategist will guide your company through an end-to-end operational transition. We will provide:

1. Company-wide assessment of current operational practices.

2. Develop a risk-management portfolio and project plan for a smooth transition to the social enterprise.

3. Develop code and work with internal resources to automate newly streamlined operational processes and integrate the new processes and technological solutions into current enterprise operations.

4. Provide lifecycle support of your social enterprise.

Eventive Thought acts as a third-party facilitator for inter-disciplinary ventures, providing a critical link between researchers and business gurus who are looking for the next strategic investment. Eventive Thought runs an incubator whose sole purpose is to pursue ventures that address significant consumer and societal needs.

Educational initiatives that facilitate open-source and interdisciplinary research is the last component of Eventive Thought’s organizational structure. Through a series of published formats Eventive Thought will make collaborative, cutting-edge research at the intersection of business, technology, and social issues available in our resource library. Eventive Thought makes a commitment to involve itself with community needs and will dedicate resources, time, and money to helping its fellow citizens.



About eventivethought

Interested in thinking through how thought itself is an event and what "eventive thought" would entail; thinking the (ethical?) relationality between humans and animals through the lens of Deleuze and Guattari's "event" and how that figures in the broader scope of our quantum universe of assemblages.

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