What is in a Name?

This post asks several questions concerning the notion of a name: what importance does a name have; what does a name signify; and does a name signify a particular meaning or can a name be performative and have an affect on the world and the discursive and material structures it encounters? More importantly, this post will shed some insight into why I chose my company to name Eventive Thought.

Many famous philosophers, communication scholars, linguistic scholars, and other disciplinary fields have debated, theorized, and asked these questions about names for a long time. I will not go through this long tradition of scholarship in this post but I encourage readers of this blog to contemplate the questions above and comment below, dialoguing with each other to learn, teach, collaborate, and innovate – theory as praxis and praxis as theory in discussion format.

My short reflections on the notion of the name will address how these questions influenced by decision to name my company Eventive Thought. Finding the correct name for my organization was incredibly important to me but it wasn’t decided on immediately. I thought about what value I wanted my company to create, the reason I wanted to found my own company, what service I wanted to provide to my clients, how I wanted to contribute to my community, what guiding principles my company would live by, and the discursive and material conditions I would create and leave my community and world with. As I used these questions to create my business plan and began to get a feeling of what my company would become, which is by no far set in stone yet or ever will be – my company will evolve along with the people that support it and the discursive and material situations surrounding it, the philosophical notion of the “Event” came to mind. I knew I wanted to do something new, something that changed the conditions of the world we live in, and to give something back to the world. Yes, creating products and making a living off my organization are important to me but I truly want to create an organization that is an experiment in Eventive Thought.

The long historical tradition of the Event is storied and most recently revolutionized by thinkers such as Alain Badiou, Slavoj Zizek, and Jacques Derrida. The most relevant principle that I have taken from these thinkers is that an event is not just an occurrence in a specific experience of time but an idea that takes a principle as its driving force and uses that force to change the coordinates of status quo ideology. So a name does signify a particular thing but it also has a performative affect. What is implicit in these theories though is an understanding of the event has a form of thought; this form of thought holds onto a particular value to change the current discursive and material structures of the status quo. Thus, I named my company Eventive Thought. Eventive Thought will engage in all its endeavors, whether consulting, product development and design, research, educational initiatives, or community involvement with this notion of the eventive thinking in mind. Eventive Thought will collaborate with its supporters, clients, investors, educators, and community members to use eventive thinking to change the coordinates of status quo material and discursive practices to innovate, collaborate, and engage in educational discussion forums to develop products, consult clients, create incubators, and create educational forums that utilize the deconstructive power of current technological advances to enable all users of social enterprise technology to become eventive thinkers and change their world.

That is at least what is in the name of Eventive Thought, at least in its current form and discursive existence.


About eventivethought

Interested in thinking through how thought itself is an event and what "eventive thought" would entail; thinking the (ethical?) relationality between humans and animals through the lens of Deleuze and Guattari's "event" and how that figures in the broader scope of our quantum universe of assemblages.

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